We provide a comprehensive set of services to the Industrial Automation industry.
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System Upgrades

 We can upgrade your project in the following way:

  • Change or add new components to your PLC system.
  • Get the older parts of your PLC system talking to newly upgraded parts.
  • Update your existing SCADA/HMI screens to reflect changes to your system;
  • Add new SCADA/HMI screens to your existing setup;
  • Swap out your old SCADA/HMI system for an entirely new Ignition SCADA system - the most cheap and flexible system on the market!

System Delivery

We can help you get your new project up and running:

  • Provide a written anlysis of what needs doing;
  • Provide a risk assessment;
  • Provide costings for your new project;
  • We can do the work ourselves, or just provide a consultancy;
  • We can train up your staff once the project is up and running.


We can provide all project and training documentation for your control system:

  • Project analysis and technology research;
  • User Requirement Specifications;
  • Functional Design Specifications;
  • Detailed Design Specifications;
  • All system design schedules;
  • Control system schematics and layout drawings;
  • Test documentation (FAT);
  • Operation and maintenence manuals;
  • As-Built documents.